The Building Blocks of Good Mental Health

the-building-blocks-of-good-mental-healthContrary to popular belief, positive mental health comprises more than the absence of mental disorders. Beyond that, it denotes a condition of well-being in which a person feels well and functions well in the world.

But with all the adversities we encounter in life, is it possible to achieve this? The answer is yes! There are several strategies we can employ to not only maintain but also boost our mental and holistic health.

A few examples of such strategies are:

  • Build relationships.
    The most significant aspect contributing to a sense of well-being is having positive interactions with others. Investing time and attention in your relationships may result in significant rewards for all parties involved.
  • Exercise and stay healthy.
    Exercise has been demonstrated to improve mood and lessen symptoms of Depression and Anxiety. A nutritious diet, avoiding alcohol and other substances, having a good night’s sleep, and visiting your healthcare providers regularly can all contribute to greater mental health.
  • Seek help.
    Consult a mental health professional if you are struggling to feel joyful, deal with daily life, find meaning, or feel connected to others. You may be hesitant at first, but you’ll soon discover that the help provided by mental health services is unparalleled.

Here at Community Mental Health (CMH), part of our responsibility as advocates of mental health in Natick, Massachusetts is to ensure that we extend our support beyond the limits of our services.

If you wish to learn more about us or our services such as psychotherapy in Massachusetts, feel free to reach us anytime!

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