How to Help Someone with Self-Harmful Thoughts

Without a doubt, it is crucial to treat instances of self-harm and suicidal thoughts in persons. Understanding how to support individuals who engage in such thoughts and behaviors is paramount.

If you need to help someone, there are steps you can take to assist the troubled person.

  • Encouraging the individual to seek professional psychotherapy in Massachusetts is vital. The person must receive appropriate and sensitive healthcare delivered skillfully and without judgment. Ongoing support can reduce their self-harming behaviors and decrease the risk of accidental harm.
  • Assisting the person accessing professional mental health in Natick, Massachusetts, is essential. Present them with options for obtaining help and offer to accompany them to appointments. Consult with a local general practitioner who guides mental health professionals in this area.
  • Maintaining a calm and supportive demeanor is essential. Individuals who engage in self-harming behaviors require the support of loved ones and professionals. Find ways to boost their self-esteem and acknowledge their positive qualities because self-compassion supports self-improvement and mental health advocacy.
  • Adopting an open-minded attitude is crucial to holistic health. The person may experience shame and fear judgment from others due to their actions. Strive to create a compassionate environment where they feel safe to discuss their emotions if they choose to do so.
  • Listening to the individual to make them feel heard, supported, and validated is essential. Encourage them to express their feelings rather than resorting to self-harm. Explore alternative coping strategies with them to help them navigate difficult emotions.

For mental health services, call Community Mental Health (CMH) today.

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