Advocates for Mental Health in Natick, Massachusetts

Established in 2019, Community Mental Health (CMH) is a blogging site for education and information sharing purposes for the optimal mental health of our community. Lots of mental health illnesses are elusive as many people fail to recognize the signs and symptoms until there are unprecedented occurrences that could have been averted, had it been that the necessary assistance was timely.

Our Advocacy
Advocating a Robust Mental Health for Everyone

Our Founder

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Dr. George Akinkuoye PMHNP-BC, DNP, PhD
Founder of CMH

Dr. Akinkuoye is a mental health clinician based in Framingham and Natick Massachusetts. He is the owner of Medical Community Psychotherapy LLC and co-owner Collaborative Mental Health Services. He is also a renowned clinical preceptor for graduate students in the field of Psychiatric Mental Health.

Our Mission

Contributing to the elevation of the Human Consciousness through education and teaching of sound and positive mental health.

Our Vision

A gradual Community-wide transformation into an optimal state of mental health.

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  • Let us spread the word on developments and progress in mental health treatment and research.