Achieving Happiness

man being happy
Everyone wants to be happy, but most people do not understand the definition of happiness or how to go about being happy. There are so many questions on what actually makes one happy. Some people believe that if they had a lot of money, they would be happy. While orders believe that money does not make you happy. Well, if money does not make one happy then, what does? Does having the most social media following make you happy? What about owning a thousand pairs of shoes? Running a marathon? Being married and having kids? How about having lots of friends? As we look into our world today, we know that not all rich, married, famous people are happy. This is because happiness does not come from material things. “The happiest people don’t have the best of everything… they just make the best of everything” (Unknown). This has recently become one of my very favorite quotes because it is very true. Happiness can not be bought, stolen, tricked, or magically obtained. It comes from diligently working on one’s self and being the best person that we all can.

Here are some tips on being happier and living a happy life:

  1. Being grateful: When was the last time you counted your blessing? You are healthy and alive, your kids are well, you have a job, food to eat, a family, a car that works, a roof over your head? Being grateful makes us focus on the things that we have rather than what we don’t. Writing all the things that you are grateful for in a journal is a good way to practice positivity. You can also always read it when you are feeling down to remind yourself to be grateful.
  2. Loving yourself: Can you imagine being happy when someone is constantly reminding you about your faults and imperfections? Then stop doing it to yourself. Self-love is a wonderful way to be happy. Celebrate your achievements be it small or big. It also builds your self-esteem.
  3. Positivity: Being positive during prosperity and when thriving is very easy. The real test is practicing positivity in the face of adversities and misfortunes. How can you see the good in life when your view is clouded? The trick is to turn the bad into good. The same as the old saying when life gives you a lemon, make some lemonade.
  4. Be kind: In our world today where everything is in a turbo speed the internet is fast, the people walk and talk fast, the cars go faster, etc. It is hard to slow down and be kind to one another. Being empathetic to your family, friends, and coworkers is very important.
  5. Finding your Drive: Have you ever wonder why you are here? Why are you alive this year and era? How could you make your make in this world? Finding your lives drive or purpose is a road map to being happy. It gives you grounding, direction and purpose and makes life worth living.

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