The Warning Signs of Psychosis

Psychosis is a mental health condition characterized by a loss of contact with reality, which can be associated with conditions such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, or severe depression. Treatments are often delivered through therapy and medication.

Symptoms, however, may vary among individuals, so appropriate mental health services may be given differently. One or more warning signs will likely be apparent.

In general, here are some warning signs that may indicate this condition:

  • Noticeable Alterations in Speech
    Changes in the perception of surroundings, speaking without interruption, expressing irrational thoughts, exhibiting heightened sensitivity to stimuli, and experiencing significant difficulty focusing.
  • Unexplained Social Transformations
    A significant decline in social relationships, disengagement from activities or a general withdrawal from life, isolating oneself socially, unexpected aggression, and harboring extreme suspicions towards others.
  • Abrupt Emotional Shifts
    Engaging in inappropriate laughter, experiencing an inability to cry or excessive crying, enduring feelings of depression and anxiety, being unable to express joy, and undergoing extreme personality changes.
  • Harmful Behavioral Changes
    Engaging in odd or peculiar behaviors, difficulties fitting in at school or work, displaying reckless behaviors, insomnia, engaging in self-harm, restlessness or agitation, and patterns of drug and alcohol abuse.

If one or more of these warning signs are present, it is highly recommended to seek assistance from a professional provider of mental health in Natick, Massachusetts. In cases where concerns arise, do not hesitate to contact emergency services for immediate support.

Not all of these signs appear in every person with psychosis. Other conditions can also cause them. Thus, it is best to get a proper diagnosis. Feel free to seek help from our Community Mental Health (CMH) experts. We offer psychotherapy in Massachusetts as a way to treat your loved ones.

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