How to Handle Anxiety Attacks in Public

Anxiety attacks can happen at any time and can be triggered by anything, such as PTSD. Learning how to control your anxiety can help you or a loved one stay in control of their mental and emotional well-being. Instead of panicking, it is best to learn calming techniques that will keep you away from harm and help you continue your day.

Your anxiety about experiencing an attack anytime may never completely go away, but you can learn to manage your symptoms more effectively so that you feel safe and secure in public situations. Here are some pointers.

  • Learn breathing techniques.
    Breathing exercises can assist you in slowing your breath, resulting in sensations of peace and relaxation. Deep breathing can also help prevent other symptoms from worsening, such as a racing heart or chest pain.
  • Raise your awareness.
    Mindfulness and meditation through, for example, prayer, can help you become more self-aware and more equipped to deal with your symptoms in public.
  • Bring a companion.
    Prepare the person you’re with by telling them about your symptoms and fears. Create a game plan that includes recognizing your symptoms as they occur, using coping strategies like words of affirmation to get through a panic attack, and preparing to leave a location or situation.
  • Visualize a positive outcome.
    You could, for example, imagine yourself using your coping techniques to face public situations with more relaxed confidence. You may feel more prepared to deal with your symptoms in public if you visualize success.

Get professional help from Community Mental Health (CMH). Our mental health experts can help manage your anxiety and reduce the possibility of attacks through therapy or medication.

We can also help with sleeping problem issues and other problems that affect mental and emotional wellness.

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